2009 年11月,一群香港创意人建构了一项理想计划—「提」。我们存在是为了让香港艺术文化进驻祖国,造就更多未知的可能性。凡有可塑的机遇,提 必以别树一格丶前瞻独到的步伐勇于实行。这就是我们经营创意的生存态度。

    提 于深圳华侨城创意文化园及香港火炭艺术工业区分别设有展览场地及艺术商店,致力把香港新生代之艺术家及设计师带到內地,务求让香港的创意渗透每一寸神州土地。
    • 鼓励创新,在中国推动香港创意
    • 将高品质的香港当代艺术及设计引进內地
    • 培养及教育公众对艺术及设计的欣赏能力
    • 研发艺术衍生品,全能支持创意工业
About A · lift
Founded in November 2009, A‧lift opens up a cultural platform for Hong Kong art in Mainland. This unfinished business stands as an pioneer in the art and culture industries, allow infinite possibilities for Hong Kong Creativities to march into our homeland. With out unique and avant-garde attitude, we believe this is the new approach to make art and make noise.
We devote to promote Hong Kong young artists and designers in Mainland, showcasing their artworks and original designs at our exhibition site and art store in Shenzhen and Hong Kong, letting our blossoms of ideas to infiltrate every corners of China. You can find us at OCT-LOFT Cultural District in Shenzhen and Fotan Industrial and Art Village in Hong Kong respectively.
• Encourage innovation and promote Hong Kong creativity in Mainland
• Introduce high quality Hong Kong contemporary art and design to Mainland market
• Educate and nurture general public in appreciation of art and design
• Develop art merchandize and support to the creative industries
A·lift # A116
Unit 116, Building A4, Oct-loft, Eastern Industrial Park,
Overseas Chinese Town, Nanshan District, Shenzhen.
国内China (086) 0755 – 82719826 香港HK (852) 2690 3695
星期二至日Tuesday To Sunday 11 am – 7 pm