OCT – LOFT OCT creative group is located in shenzhen OCT east original industrial zone, is located in the northeast, OCT east neighbour qiaocheng east road, north depends on the overseas sweet road, the enterprises in the 1980 s the introduction of “three come on repair” industrial enterprise. The park covers an area of about 150000 square meters, with a construction area of about 200000 square meters, is divided into north and south sides. Since the latter half of 2004, be full of the spirit of me oct people according to the architectural features of the plant and the government of cultural and creative industries related policy guidance, creatively put forward the industrial transformation for LOFT creative industry park, through the idea of the old building reconstruction for the creative industry workshop, the introduction of various types of creative industries, such as design, photography, animation creation, education training, art, etc, and some creative characteristics of related industries such as concept restaurant, lounge, retail, coffee etc. Through the reform, make old workshop building form and historical trace preserved, and at the same time are derived with more vigor more vitality of the industrial economy.
       In January 2005, OCT contemporary art center in the creative group; In December 2005, the shenzhen city \ architecture biennale held in creative group; In May 2006, oct creative group formally. Oct creative group has been the introduction of a famous Hong Kong designer GaoWenAn, LiangJingHua, studio, a one hundred – year history and culture of the international youth hostel, design originality industry brand enterprise urban practice company, the wave information company’s cartoon design base, oct international media entertainment company about forty home originality, design, and cultural institutions.
       Since 2007, based on the success of the creative group operating experience, oct launched north project upgrading plan. North positioning is a creative design is given priority to the trend of the frontier region, as the artistic creation trading, display platform, fusion “originality, design, art” in a creative industry base. North also launched 3000 square meters of art public sharing platform, gather and a batch of involves many areas of avant-garde, pioneer, creative, design business, such as the European famous furniture brand, Vitra together Chinese and foreign human art books and restore ancient ways vinyl record old heaven music bookstore, pay attention to all over the world women’s fashion creative life and snare women all over the world art works all the Little thing fetish chi magazine official concept store Little thing shop and carry forward the zen tea way YanTao of other high quality business. May 14, 2011, the overall KaiYuan oct creative group.